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This Is Our Story

Your Local
Adventure Travel Agent 

Groundhog Adventure Travel truly began in 2015 when we moved from Nottinghamshire - England, to Alberta - Canada in order to pursue the outdoor adventure lifestyle that we had always dreamed of.  It's fair to say that living close to the Rocky Mountains has far surpassed those early dreams. We are very fortunate to spend our spare time as weekend warriors: skiing, snowboarding, kayaking, paddle boarding, hiking, snowshoeing.

These days we have a new dream! We want to share our love for adventure travel and connect you with the best experiences that only the local experts have to offer.

We believe in providing top notch customer service based on your individual travel needs. To achieve this, we connect you with the local adventure professional network and build a unique travel package based around your interests and your dreams.
Want to try something new? We'll find you the best local instructor and quality gear rental.  
Want to take your sport to the next level? We'll find you the most knowledgeable professional guide in the area.

Book an appointment today and let's chat about your next adventure!


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